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It takes a year, but it’s worth a lifetime!

We want you to work for the City of Los Angeles. However, the process involved in getting a City Job can be a bit confusing. This site exists to help explain the process and help make it easier to pursue a public service career.

Currently, there are three different types of city jobs; Civil Service, Exempt, and Contractor.

Civil Service Jobs (also called "regular" or "non-exempt") are the majority of jobs in the City. To get hired into one of these jobs: Take a test specific to that job, get a score, interview in structured panel interviews. Once you're hired, there's a lot more job security. If you're interested in checking out Regular opportunities, here's the list of current exams that are open.

Exempt Jobs are listed at the Personnel Department Site. Applying for them is as simple as submitting a resume. Be aware that they are often somewhat political. For example, if you work for a councilmember, when he loses an election, you're probably out of a job. But that wouldn't be the case with a "regular" job.)

Contractor Jobs are for IT Contract Professionals within the City. (Think DevOps, Database Administrator, Data Scientist among a few examples). The Information Technology Agency maintains a contract with 7 Professional Contract Firms. You have to contract them to apply for the jobs that are typically annual contract jobs. However, the process for getting hired as a contractor is much shorter than getting hired as regular/civil service employee.


This FAQ lists a bunch of common questions for folks applying for regular/civil service jobs.



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